UofNB Disclaimer page for professional pages
The University of New Brunswick provides support for students, faculty and staff to put up web pages. People who choose to do so may publish URLs of the form http://people.unb.ca/~emailid, for example:


The link, however, does not take you directly to the desired page, but to a disclaimer page which will explain that the content you are about to view is not the responsibility of the University.

Unfortunately, the page bears a strong resemblance to the error pages put up by some sites and I have had people think that there was something wrong with the URL. Please rest assured that all is probably OK. If you wait a few seconds or click on the Continue link that follows the disclaimer text, you should get where you want (providing that there is nothing wrong with the Novell web server) and possible redirection servers...

The University has a fear that someone might choose to decorate their page with copyright material (say a cartoon mouse with large ears) and the corporate legal weight of a not so comic, cartoon empire will strike our poor little institution... sigh... At any rate, my content on the University's servers should be relatively innocuous. It's here that I get to be a little rebellious.